My name is Laurie.

I love Jesus.

I’m a mom. (Isn’t that the first thing all us moms say about ourselves. LOL) I have one 11 year old son. He is adorable, hilarious and makes me laugh like no one else, he’s witty, he’s kind, he’s brave, he’s a bit of a thinker, and he’s a gamer with a temper but I love him no matter what.

I’m am aspiring writer, which is a wonderful and scary thing to put on the page, but I’m going for it because if you refer to back to that first descriptor “I love Jesus” I believe my aspirations are ultimately in his hands and I’m just following his lead. I don’t know where it will take me. I want to write All.The.Things. and have all the things published, but if writing only gives me the focus I need to get closer to him, then that’s okay too.

I’m newly divorced after 14 years of marriage.

I work full-time besides blogging.

I have a masters degree in English, so I’ve always been all about words and books.


Random Things I Love Random Things I Don’t Love
my Beagle mix “CJ” horror movies
seeing movies with my son green beans
too many TV shows to list braggards
the movie The Joy Club Texas summer heat
magical realism literature ketchup
the northern lights  
sound of walking on gravel  
total darkness when I sleep